Maximise Your Business Value

Planning to sell your business within 5 years?

Only about 5 % of businesses are sold for their true value. Many are sold on the basis of the assets alone. Learning what buyers look for and focusing on developing these areas of your business can have a dramatic impact on its value.

Our team of experts will explain what your business needs to have in place to maximise sale price; how buyers calculate the value of your business and how you can improve your online presence, processes and company culture.

Did you know that 3 out of 5 businesses close down within 5 years of starting and a further 50% close down within the next 5 years? In these cases the Business Owner is at risk of losing everything.

Our research has shown us that most people who go into Business did so because they wanted to do better financially (better than when they worked on wages/salary for somebody else). So finance was raised (usually by extending the mortgage on the Family home) and the Business was started.

Over time the Business grew which was great, but along the way things got a bit out of control.

Most Business Owners that we talk to tell us that building and owning a Business is not what they thought it would be like.  It can be a highly stressful, lonely experience.  In a lot of cases the Business Owner has no one to confide in, and no one to help them at a strategic level

Our Consultants have practical business experience, they know first-hand the issues facing Business Owners today and they can work with you like a Partner (but without owning any shares) to significantly improve your Business.

The process starts with meeting one of our consultants, who will use our “Business Growth Analyser” to measure the income potential that your business should be making you.  Our Consultant will then show you how your Business will respond to a Growth Plan.  These are no obligation meetings – if you see the value in what we do then you will want to become a Client.