End of Waste Certification

aluminum-burtynskyEnd-of-Waste quality criteria and its implications for the Recycling Industry

 For the Recycling Industry legislation is changing. Governments require more assurances with regards to the quality of metals, materials and scrap that is transferred between countries.

End of waste regulations – End of waste consultants

EU End-of-Waste quality criteria

The EU End-of-Waste quality criteria are as follows:

The acceptance of input materials, all treatment steps and material / product quality checks (includingany sampling and testing or visual inspections) according to the end-of-waste quality criteria must have been carried out under a fully implemented and externally verified quality management system.

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The quality management system must at least include the following elements:

The quality management system must be auditable and ready for inspection by the competent authority under waste law to satisfy itself that the system is suitable for the purpose of demonstratingcompliance with end-of-waste quality criteria. It must include a set of documented procedures addressing each key process relevant to compliance with the technical end-of-waste criteria, including:

  • acceptance of input materials
  • monitoring of processes to ensure they are effective at all times
  • monitoring material / product quality (including sampling and analysis) that are adjusted to the process and material / product
  • specifics according to good practice
  • procedures that ensure the effectiveness of the radiation monitoring and the ability of the radiation monitors to detect changes in
  • radiation intensity (with respect to metals)
  • actively soliciting feedback from customers in order to confirm compliance with material / product documentation
  • record keeping of main quality control parameters
  • measures for review and improvement of the quality management system
  • training of staff
  • management review

Specific requirements regarding monitoring material / product quality for iron, steel and aluminium scap, including aluminium alloy scrap.

It must be assured that each consignment shall at least be:

  • Monitored for radioactivity
  • Inspected visually regarding all other material / product quality requirements

Although the ISO QMS is a complete system, the End-of-Waste quality criteria is specifically asking for some documented procedures, while in the ISO QMS a job instruction was sufficient. Therefore new procedures are added to the QMS to satisfy these requirements.   

ISO CEL will ensure that the implementation is effective and efficient through our practical and no nonsense approach so that you achieve End of Waste Certification.

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