Business Success Programme

Plan the steps

“The program is designed for business owners that are committed to long term business improvement and success”

The Business Success Programme is ideal for:

• Businesses wanting to achieve significant growth
• Businesses needing to be more profitable
• Business owners seeking a more enjoyable lifestyle
• Businesses that need to be rescued
• Businesses that want to develop or expand
• Business owners wanting to build the asset value of their business

Business Success Partners’ use a system, we call the “Business Success Programme” to guide the consultation process and it is unlike anything else available and is helping businesses all over Ireland become more successful and profitable.

At the heart of the programme are state of the art tools and resources that combined with the experience and expertise of the award winning consultancy team at ISOCEL, creates a collaborative approach to your business success and improved lifestyle.

This program will produce a comprehensive business plan within the first 8 -10 weeks and then a full implementation plan that will be worked through to ensure the business achieves all of its short, medium and long term objectives.

Makeover Before Takeover

“You don’t want to regret selling your business for less than it’s worth due to poor preparation”

The Business Success Partners’ SME business “Makeover before Takeover Plan” ensures your business will be putting its best foot forward to any prospective buyers by taking out all the worry and concerns a prospective buyer may have.

To achieve this ISOCEL consultants will go through all aspects of your business to produce systems, documentation and information that will not only make your business more attractive to a potential owner but also provide the buyer the information they will need to feel confident about the purchase.

* ISOCEL will work in collaboration with your business broker if needed and part of the program can also be developed so our consultants are able to assist the new owners in the first month or two of business.

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