BS EN 15038:2006 Translation Management Systems

EN 15038 is a European specific standard that was developed by the European Committee for Standardisation in 2006. This is the first European standard to identify the requirements organisations need to provide the best quality translation services.

EN 15038 is even more relevant than ISO 9001 for the localisation industry. The EN 15038 standard aims to unify the terminology used in the translation field, define basic requirements for language service, and create a framework for the interaction between customers and service providers in terms of their rights and obligations.

The Process;

During an evaluation, an independent auditor will rigorously review your systems and processes right from project evaluation through to post production.

The standard will also ensure you review your level of service products across all vendors, management, and information technology and translation services, with regard to human and technical resources, quality, project management and service processes and the contractual framework.

We will ensure that the certification is effective and efficient through our practical and no nonsense approach.
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